eth still looking iffy

Not buying this rally… Yet. VOL is declining since Dec 18th when this short squeeze started. But shorts have been climbing, only back to previous level, as the price increase is petering out. I think this is almost all traders. If organic buyers don’t step in here, I think we see another leg down.

ETH – Doesn’t look like a bottom …Yet. (…Soon).

I’ve been watching this pop in ETH while simultaneously punching my FOMO in the face (Trust me: It deserves far worse). Here is a comparison of price/shorts of this last five day move (that has CryptoTwitter all excited): Yellow area = Shorts covering (taking profits). Price picks up. Retail gets excited, buys the move. Green […]

Europe starting to roll over

Good report by Proving again that every central bank is just like Zimbabwe’s, it’s just a matter of degree.