Currency Devaluation Fears Come to China, europe surpasses USA/Asia in crypto purchases

Crypto Twitter and the Cryptoverse in general seem to ignore (critically important) capital flows, but I guess most people do that… Key takeaway from the article: “China’s economy is not as strong as it was and it does not have a strong currency, evidenced by draconian capital controls propping it up.” Read the rest: […]


TL;DR $ETH volume might be breaking out after a collapse, but this probably signals another downtrend. This is not financial advice. One of the more commonly heard phrases in trading is “price follows volume”, and recently volume on $ETH has collapsed and is now trying to break out. Unfortunately, in the near term this looks […]

The Chinese Minsky Moment Cometh…

Sounds like a Chinese “Minsky Moment” is coming… “The most likely outcome is still a large, one-off devaluation that balances reserves against a growing tidal wave of credit that the government has no ability or no willingness to contain.” #$BTC What is a ‘Minsky Moment’ (emphasis is mine) Minsky Moment refers to a period […]